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You will find that WordPress websites are very popular with designers. WordPress is an open-source CMS and is free to everyone around the world. There is around 75 million WP websites around the globe. That equates to approximate 19% of the market. Not bad for an “Open Source” product. Since its 2003 launch it has come a long way.

How Good are WordPress Websites & Products

So how good are WordPress websites and products? Many major corporations use the WordPress CMS platform for the websites. So why don’t you? There are now a mountain of products available to use on WordPress, some obviously a lot better than others. We are putting some of the best WordPress Themes to the test. Can someone with very little website knowledge, coding and design experience really put together a nice functional website?

WordPress Themes

There are many good WordPress Themes out there and we will recommend a preferred template to fit and meet expectations. We have our likes and dislikes like everyone, but we feature some of the best WordPress themes and most importantly, we give them an impartial scoring based on how well it stood up to the challenge of building a business website, flexibility, nice functional, updates and support of the WordPress Themes. All WordPress Themes are available for purchase via https://themeforest.net/





Flatsome WordPress Template - Flatsome WP Theme


UX Themes



BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme




Theme Fusion

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins play a huge part in the functionality of websites. However, there are downsides if you are not careful. There can be compatibility issues with some themes, but some developers of WordPress Themes now bundle them with their theme to make sure of their compatibility and to also take advantage of their features. All WordPress plugins are available to purchase from https://codecanyon.net/

Wordfence - WordPress Security


WordPress Security

Shield - Centralized WordPress Security


WordPress Security

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